Learning Management System (LMS) site development & management by Moodle

The course is designed specifically for the teacher community and corporate IT managers or admins. In the current ICT era, a teacher has a special need to have an LMS site, which allows him to interact with students. At the same time, IT managers or admin members can create a lively interactive management environment with staff. IT students can complete the course if they want to, looking to the future. Many universities and educators around the world use the moodle platform.

Course details

LMS basics

  • What is LMS?
  • Benefits of LMS.

Moodle basics

  • What is Moodle?
  • Why Moodle?
  • Moodle Cloud
  • Moodle Pricing
  • Free vs Paid

Moodle installation

  • Moodle Installation in local server
  • Moodle standalone installation
  • Moodle installation on an online hosting server

Moodle site management

  • Moodle site creation
  • Dashboard management
  • Site administration
  • Theme installation & customization
  • Plugins installation & usages
  • Frontpage settings

Moodle course development & Management

  • Course format
  • Course creation
  • Course management
  • Course categories management
  • Course backup
  • Course restoration
  • Course import & upload

Live class/session management

  • Live text chat
  • Skype integration
  • Podcast/video conference
  • Interactive session management with user interaction
  • Live session recording
  • Video uploading in YouTube
  • Use of Social media
  • Peer-assess with a workshop

User Management

  • Manual user creation & enroll process
  • User login process
  • Self-registration
  • Self-enrollment process
  • User profiles
  • Assign user rights
  • Guest access
  •  User postponement
  • User data backup & restoration

Course Participation by user

  • Joining a Moodle course
  • User profile update
  • ID & password management
  • Enrollment in a course
  • Involvement quiz, poll, survey
  • Job submission
  • The joining process in private chat, public chat room, a user forum, video conference, podcast, live streaming, interactive session, etc.


  • Offline assessment
  • Online assessment
  • Poll & survey
  • Quiz
  • Various type of question creation
  • Question import technique

User Forum management

Course certification

Use of Moodle apps


  • Online payment methods
  • Payment gateway integration

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