Learning techniques & career development in IT sectors

Course Duration: 2 (Two) Months

Course Description: 

Course Method: Online LMS based course with Moodle. Online classes with live steaming, lecture sheet & PPT, remote P2P assistance & online assessment system. 

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Course details

  • Learning methods
  • Self-learning
  • Uses of IT Learning Devices
    • PC, Smartphone & other mobile computing devices
    • SOHO Router
  • Home PC Lab
    • Home PC Lab
    • Investing in a Home Lab for Learning & IT Certification Training
    • Setting up your home learning lab
      • PC with the multi-OS environment with multibooting
      • A network between PC & mobile computing devices
      • A network between real PC & VPC with SOHO router
      • Making use of handheld computers, tablet computers, audio players, projector devices, etc.
      • Building Your Own Windows Server IT Lab
      •  Building Your Own Linux based IT Lab
  •  System Virtualization
    • Virtualization: What & why
    • Oracle VM virtual box: Installation, configuration & management
    • VMware: Installation, configuration & management
    • Windows Sandbox: Installation, configuration & management
    • Windows Hyper-V: Installation, configuration & management
    • Use of virtualization technology for systems implementation, software & web testing, cross-platform testing, cloning & imaging, networking environment in a single PC, system settings analysis, Run other OS on Top of Windows (or vice-versa), etc.
  • Emulation
    • Emulation: What & why
    • Use of an Android emulator such as NOx, Blue stack, Andy, etc.
    • Uses of educational apps such as Kahoot, Moodle, MS SharePoint and many more by an android emulator
    • Use of windows mobile apps emulator
  • Simulation
    • Simulation: What & why
    • Use of various simulator programs for
      • PC assembling
      • Electrical circuits
      • Electronic circuits
      • PCB design
      • PLC & automation
      • PC networking
      • Microprogramming
  • System Protector
    • Deep freeze: Installation, configuration & management
    • Systems cloning & imaging techniques
  • Zero client/Thin client computing
    • Zero clients/Thin client computing: What & why
    • Use a single PC for multiple users as like multiple PCs
    • NComputing
  • Cloud Computing
    • Cloud computing: Why & what
    • Google Docs
    • MS Office 365
    • VPS
    • Google cloud
  • Web surfing
  • Google services
    • Google translator
    • Google scholar
    • Google drive for collaboration
  • Online document inspector, grammar & spelling checker
  • Social media for education
    • Connecting with experts on topics via social media
    • Institutions communicate with students via YouTube and Facebook
    • Facebook study group
    • YouTube for education, YouTube video sharing
    • Use YouTube for the flipped classroom concept
    • Social Media Sites for Education
    • Alumni
  • Remote assistance
    • TeamViewer
    • Google remote desktop
    • Windows remote desktop
  • E-Learning
    • E-learning: What & why
    • Various e-learning platforms
    • Exploring new possibilities in cloud-based education technology
    • Online courses
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Access course materials through remote devices
    • Online digital repositories for lectures, course materials, and digital library
    • Online/ cloud-based academic management systems
    • Moodle
      • What is Moodle?
      • Registration & enrollment process in Moodle courses
      • Learning process form Moodle courses
    • Google classroom
      • What is Google classroom?
      • Registration & enrollment process in Google classroom courses
      • Learning process form Google classroom
    • Flipped Classrooms
  • Online Education
    • Vendor certification
    • Online degree
  • Career development
    • IT career guidelines
    • Finding a mentor
    • Career Exploration and Soft Skills: Preparing Students for Success
    • Attending conferences and workshops
    • Ways to Use Technology to Enhance Career Development
    • Job market needs analysis
    • Industry-Recognized Career Certifications
    • CV/resume, job application writing techniques
    • Online portfolio 
    • Online jobs site registration & job applying techniques
    • Freelancing marketplace
    • Freelancing jobs
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Dress code
    • OHS

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  • June 13, 2019 at 8:36 am

    I am interest in your course.
    But now i am start a new job in dhaka.if you made this course in online, It’s helpful for me.


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